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Plagued with malfunctioning utility knives and laceration injuries, a collaboration between Fastenal, Safety Products Global and LineDrive spurred a revolution in safety and efficiency with an industry leading manufactured home company, driving substantial business growth.



  • Safety Risks

  • Workflow Interruptions

  • Tool Malfunctions


  • Estimated $10k in New Business

  • Enhanced Employee Safety

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C L I E N T  C H A L L E N G E

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A prominent player in the manufactured home industry faced

significant operational challenges that compromised employee safety and workflow efficiency.


The plant’s existing box cutter tools were prone to malfunctioning, where blades would frequently get stuck and fail to retract. This malfunction posed a substantial safety risk, leading to injuries among the workforce. The inability of the blades to retract as designed not only slowed down production but also heightened the risk of workplace


S O L U T I O N 

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LineDrive and Fastenal promptly identified and addressed the plant’s safety challenges by recommending two advanced safety knives from Safety Products Global (SPG)- #924622784 PHC Auto-Retract Victa™ Safety Knife and #924622792 PHC Auto-Retract Metti™ Safety Knife.

These knives, known for their reliability and automatic blade retraction feature, offered a safer and more efficient alternative to the plant’s existing tools.


To ensure a seamless evaluation, LineDrive arranged for these samples to be sent directly to the Alabama site for a comprehensive departmental trial. 

T H E   R E S U L T S 

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The customer readily adopted LineDrive's recommendation to switch to SPG's safety knives, a move that not only is set to generate over $10K of new business for Fastenal but also underscored the facility's dedication to enhancing employee safety and minimizing laceration risks.


Inspired by this achievement, the customer sought additional samples for testing in other locations. Currently, nine other sites are evaluating the SPG knives, with the goal of implementing this safer and more efficient cutting solution across the entire company. 

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