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We know your #1 priority is keeping your team members safe and that providing your workers with the personal protection they need for the hazards they face is a serious responsibility. Right alongside your commitment to keep your people safe is your responsibility to effectively manage facility safety and productivity.

Whether you need help maintaining People Safety, Facility Safety, Facility Maintenance & Productivity or all three, the experts at LineDrive can help you stay compliant, continuously improve productivity and reduce risk across your operation.


We break it down for you below as we take a closer look at the Assessments, Reporting and Desired Outcomes that are an integral part of our Solutions & Services.



  • We ask questions about your current situation, work applications, potential exposure hazards, changes in processes or exposures, as well as the personal protection and other equipment that’s in use today.

  • We seek to understand where you see challenges with processes or productivity and ask questions to determine if there are unseen challenges. 

  • We observe your team at work to ensure we have a full understanding of the potential risks inherent with each work process being performed and if there are opportunities for process improvement.  We look for OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, UL and other compliance challenges. 



  • We produce written documentation of the jobs and work areas assessed.

  • If the hazard or risk cannot be engineered out of the process, we offer suggestions on personal protection equipment or other products that can reduce the risk of an exposure or accident.  We provide products for testing where possible. 

  • We provide insights on how processes or productivity can be enhanced.  We deliver total cost of ownership savings where possible.



You save time and money as a result of: 

  • Working with us to mitigate risk and increase productivity. Allowing us to document our findings and to find potential solutions.

  • Tapping into our resources such as certified product experts, training for your team as well as standard and compliance coaching.

  • Improving compliance by helping to reduce risk of injury, incidents or down time along with the direct and indirect costs associated with them.

  • Achieving total cost of ownership savings via the implementation of our suggested solutions. 

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