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Your Blueprint for Success

Elevate workplace safety with our tailored training and inspections.

Stay compliant, up to code, and uphold the highest safety standards.


Be proactive with our advanced solutions and expert-guided programs, maintaining smooth operations and employee safety, especially during Safe & Sound Week. We champion a culture of continuous safety commitment, fostering a year-round secure and successful work environment.


Remember, workplace safety isn't just a week's commitment, it's a lifetime pledge.



The Trial Research and Collaboration Kit (TRACK) by Mechanix Wear is an on-site assessment conducted by LineDrive & Mechanix Wear. It captures a deep understanding of your team's performance and safety needs.


The TRACK assessment includes:

  • Detailed review of each area, with product recommendations and data

  • Performance metrics & goals

  • Full ROI Calculations

  • Injury cost calculator & projected savings

  • Product cost spend and savings

  • Productivity increase reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Generous product samples for wear trials

  • Implementation plans with training, safety days & ongoing consultation

  • Improved worker safety and compliance



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The importance of workplace safety, especially when working from heights, can never be overstated. Right precautions can mean the difference between life and death, productivity and downtime, confidence and fear.  With Garlock Safety Systems you not only maintain OSHA compliance, but you also nurture a culture of safety where your employees can perform at their best.

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Prepare for the unexpected with the superior protection of OilDri Bucket Spill Kits. In a fast-paced and dynamic work environment, accidents and spills can happen at any moment.

Designed for immediate response, these kits swiftly convert dangerous spills into manageable situations, safeguarding your workforce and your workspace.


Every day, over 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace. Don't become another OSHA statistic. With Hughes Eye Wash Stations and Safety Showers from Justrite Safety Group, you're not just responding quickly to accidents - you're preventing them. Invest in safety today for a safer, more productive tomorrow. 

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Are you prepared to protect what's truly important?

Medique Products, presents LifeVac - your essential partner in combating choking crises.

LifeVac can effortlessly become a part of your safety protocols, transforming your facility into a secure and emergency-ready environment.


At LineDrive, we're not just about ensuring safety, we're about pioneering it. We've teamed up with the industry's leading brands to catapult your workspace's safety and productivity to unprecedented levels.

Ready to venture into a future that's safer and more efficient? Arrange for your complimentary evaluation today. It's your initial step towards fortifying your team and supercharging their productivity.


Together, let's redefine progress.

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