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How LineDrive & Garlock Safety Systems Revolutionized Fall Hazard Protection


A leading food manufacturer in Colorado encountered a critical safety challenge. Beyond meeting stringent safety standards specific to their industry, the company urgently needed an effective fall arrest solution for rooftop tasks. The lack of anchor points capable of supporting the required 5,000 pounds highlighted the immediate necessity for an innovative solution that would ensure worker safety without compromising on regulatory compliance or industry standards.


LineDrive, in collaboration with Garlock Safety Group, embarked on an in-depth Fall Hazard Assessment. Utilizing advanced drone technology, the team obtained precise measurements and images of the rooftop to identify all potential fall hazards accurately. The solution proposed was the Garlock Rail Guard system. Its weighted, non-penetrating design made it a versatile and dependable safety solution, perfectly suited to meet both the permanent and temporary fall protection requirements of the food manufacturing industry. 


By implementing Garlock Safety Systems, the facility not only elevated its safety protocols but also fostered a culture deeply rooted in risk mitigation and proactive prevention. The Rail Guard's installation marks a crucial step in protecting employees from potential hazards and ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. This proactive approach has effectively saved an estimated $13,653 in potential OSHA violations, thereby safeguarding both the workforce and the company's financial health. 

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