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Discover How LineDrive & Oil-Dri Revolutionized Safety and Efficiency in Tire Manufacturing


A renowned tire and rubber manufacturing facility was grappling with a twofold problem: persistent hydraulic oil leaks and escalating employee safety issues. The frequent seepage created hazardous, slippery surfaces, culminating in an unfortunate accident when an employee slipped. This incident underscored the urgent need for an effective safety intervention. 


Identifying the parallel issues of oil leaks and employee safety, LineDrive introduced the solution: Oil-Dri's L90851 Oil-Only Sorbent Pads. LineDrive executed a trial at the facility showcasing firsthand the efficiency of these technologically advanced absorbent pads. Specifically designed to swiftly contain hydraulic oil spills, these pads assured a safe, pristine, and dry workspace for all. 


Impressed by the performance, the tire and rubber manufacturer experienced a significant shift in their safety strategy by adopting Oil-Dri’s L90851 Pads. Beyond the evident safety improvements, these pads yielded substantial financial benefits, projecting an annual savings of approximately $15K for the tire and rubber manufacturer. This investment not only ensures a dry and safe environment for their employees but also demonstrates a strong return on investment through

ongoing cost savings and safety improvements.

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