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How Safety Products Global Perfected the Multi-Site Pilot for a Major Distributor


A leading U.S. distributor with a vast network of over 1000 fulfillment centers and warehouses faced a unique challenge. They required a cutting tool that was not only robust enough to handle everyday materials and tough gaylords but also

vending machine-ready. This vending machine compatibility was crucial to ensure easy, on-demand access for workers, enhancing efficiency and safety in their vast warehouse operations. The right tool needed to be durable, preventing frequent replacements and maintaining consistent performance, all while being easily accessible through their extensive vending machine system.


LineDrive and Safety Products Global conducted an extensive safety knife audit across multiple facilities, followed by a comprehensive 90-day pilot test at 112 sites. This process included providing samples of safety cutters, detailed training, and conducting user surveys. The standout product was the Klever EcoExcelXD, selected for its outstanding durability and the safely concealed blade design, making it a clear choice for the company’s needs. 


The implementation of Klever EcoExcelXD resulted in a dramatic 92% decrease in laceration injuries and a 29% reduction in costs related to employee injuries and product damage. Furthermore, the 100% recycled plastic handle of the knife contributed significantly to the company's environmental, social, and governance

(ESG) objectives, aligning with their sustainability goals.

KLEVER Eco Excel XD Cutting Shrink Wrap on Pallet of Boxes


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