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Our products are here to make your heart, and workplace, skip a beat!

The perfect cut-resistant shield for workplace safety that lasts. We can guarantee there’s no hand you’d rather hold than the one in a Mechanix Wear safety glove.

Happy Employee Taking Product out of Medique Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet.png

Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to safety for your workers by having a well-stocked first aid kit – always there in times of need.

medique wall mounted first aid cabinet.png
Medique Logo.png
Worker Assisting Another Worker Who Is Experiencing Cardiac Arrest with an AED.jpg

Be the heartbeat hero for your employees!

A dual-language AED that can provide a lifesaving jolt in the event of a cardiac incident.

powerheart g5 by zoll aed.png
Man on Roof Wearing Werner Fall Protection Harness with American Flag in Background.jpg

Elevate your safety game!

Safeguard not just their family’s hearts but also your employees' from falls with the unparalleled protection of Werner harnesses.

werner harness.png
Werner Ladder Logo.png
Worker Cleaning Up Spill with OilDri Spill Pads.png

Make your commitment to employee safety is as reliable as Oil-Dri, ensuring a workplace where spills are absorbed, and lives are protected.

oil dri premium absorbent bag.png
Oil Dry Logo.png
Mechanix Using WD-40 EZ-Reach Spray.jpg

Spray some love on employee productivity with WD-40. Let our shared passion for productivity revitalize workdays.

Wildfire Fighter Pulling DripDrop Pouch out of Backpack for Dehyradtion Relieft with Water

Just like DripDrop ORS hydrates and restores, our commitment to employee safety ensures a workplace that drips with care, keeping everyone hydrated and protected.

Man Opening a Cardboard Box with a Box Cutter.png

Sharpen your commitment to employee safety with cutting-edge safety knives, ensuring workplace safety that's both secure and sharp.

How can we help?

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fellow safety professionals!

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