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Explore the Power of LineDrive & DripDrop | Streamlining Hydration & Enhancing Safety


A national steel company thought they were satisfied with their current hydration solution, believing it met all necessary requirements, and covered a variety of potential heat related threats. The solution involved utilizing a variety of products to keep their workforce hydrated, including recovery drinks and individual packets of flavored sugar product. The necessity of multiple products suggested possible improvements and a lack of efficiency in preventing heat related stress and injury. 


Experienced in the relentless heat and rigorous conditions that steel mill employees contend with, LineDrive pinpointed a critical need for an updated and singular hydration solution. By engaging the plant's safety director and introducing DripDrop's unique formulation, we were able to trial and prove DripDrops superior capabilities as a singular hydration solution. This success of the trial eliminated the need for a multiple products and recovery drinks. DripDrop enhanced operational efficiency, improved the safety of employees and gave them a solution they can trust. 


The plant's safety director, overseeing operations across eight locations throughout the Southeastern United States, recognized the substantial benefits of LineDrive's recommendation. By adopting DripDrop, the plant significantly enhanced its employee safety measures and streamlined its product usage. This strategic shift resulted in considerable cost savings, reducing the dependency on multiple hydration solutions. 

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