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LineDrive Revolutionizes Safety Solutions Through Strategic Partnership with Safety Products Global: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations for Workplace Safety

LineDrive, a leading provider of innovative industrial safety and productivity solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Safety Products Global (SPG), an industry trailblazer in safety cutting solutions. 


SPG specializes in delivering cutting-edge safety knives, blades, and accessories that redefine safety standards within the industry. Notably, their flagship brands include Klever, a distinguished portfolio offering American-made, concealed, and sustainable safety cutter solutions. Klever stands out as an industry leader in concealed safety cutters, empowering employees to undertake cutting tasks while significantly reducing the risks of injury and product damage. 


At the forefront of blade safety innovation, SPG's Slice brand introduces a range of long-lasting safety tools featuring advanced ceramic blades equipped with proprietary Finger-Friendly® blade technology. This groundbreaking product line ensures users can perform a diverse array of cutting tasks while minimizing the risk and severity of lacerations. 


In addition to these cutting-edge solutions, SPG's longstanding commitment to excellence is embodied in PHC Pacific Handy Cutter, an industry pioneer manufacturing high-quality utility blades and safety knives since 1950. PHC is renowned for its multi-functional safety knives, integrating blade safety features that enhance worker productivity while mitigating damaged merchandise. 


“SPG is thrilled to partner with LineDrive as we continue to strive to deliver best-in-class customer support and solutions,” said Jarrod Streng, President at SPG. “From day one our companies aligned culturally and have a shared passion for safety.  With our broad portfolio of cutting solutions, and LineDrive’s reach and expertise, we will deliver a safer work environment.” 


The LineDrive Team is thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with SPG to enhance cutting safety solutions. This strategic partnership represents a significant addition to our safety solution portfolio. Together, LineDrive and SPG are committed to enabling businesses to deliver exceptional safety solutions to their valued customers.


“I’m excited for our partnership with the SPG team – the company continues to innovate and invest in an industry that has been historically underpenetrated,” said LineDrive’s CEO Michael Abdella. “SPG’s addition to our portfolio of industry-leading companies will create a lot of growth opportunities within our channel and end-users.”


For further information and inquiries, please contact: 


Brian Szmania (


About LineDrive: 

LineDrive is a leading outsourced sales and marketing organization covering North America focused on making the end user safer and more productive. Our business model is defined by industry leading innovation, strategic customer solutions, and consistent growth for more than 20 years. LineDrive is known for Driving Predictable Success™!


About Safety Products Global (SPG): 

Safety Products Global is an industry leader in safety cutting solutions, specializing in state-of-the-art safety knives, blades, and accessories. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in flagship brands such as Klever, Slice, and PHC Pacific Handy Cutter. 

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