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At LineDrive, we are dedicated to promoting safety and efficiency in workplaces. National Safety Month is an excellent opportunity to highlight our commitment to keeping people and facilities safe through our comprehensive safety solutions.


Werner provides a range of sturdy, reliable ladders designed to ensure safety and efficiency in various work environments. Their ladders feature non-slip steps, stable bases, and are built to withstand rigorous use. By offering products that adhere to high safety standards, Werner helps workplaces minimize the risk of falls and other ladder-related injuries.


Werner Fall Protection offers comprehensive fall protection solutions, including harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points. These products are designed to protect workers at heights, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and reducing the risk of serious injuries. By utilizing Werner Fall Protection equipment, workplaces can create safer environments for employees performing tasks at elevated heights.


Mechanix Wear produces high-performance gloves designed to protect workers' hands in various industries. Their gloves offer superior dexterity, protection from cuts and abrasions, and enhanced grip, making them ideal for both precision tasks and heavy-duty work. Incorporating Mechanix Wear gloves into safety protocols can significantly reduce hand injuries, promoting a safer and more productive work environment.


Dehydration can lead to serious health issues and decreased productivity in the workplace, especially in high-temperature environments or during physically demanding tasks. DripDrop ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) provides a fast and effective way to rehydrate employees, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses. By keeping workers properly hydrated, DripDrop ORS helps maintain safety and efficiency on the job.

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FLIR offers advanced thermal imaging technology that enhances workplace safety through early detection of electrical, mechanical, and environmental hazards. FLIR cameras and sensors can identify overheating equipment, electrical faults, and other potential safety issues before they lead to accidents or downtime. Implementing FLIR's thermal imaging solutions in your safety protocols can help prevent fires, equipment failures, and other hazards.

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Garlock Safety Systems provides comprehensive fall protection solutions designed to safeguard employees working at heights. Their products include guardrails, skylight covers, and rooftop safety systems that meet stringent safety standards. By incorporating Garlock Safety Systems into your workplace safety plan, you can effectively prevent fall-related injuries and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Hubbell offers a wide range of electrical products and solutions designed to enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Their offerings include surge protectors, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and industrial lighting solutions. These products help protect workers from electrical hazards, ensure proper illumination in work areas, and enhance overall operational safety. Using Hubbell Electrical Brands products can significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents and improve safety compliance.


Kidde is a leading provider of fire safety products, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors. These essential safety devices are crucial for early detection and response to fire and carbon monoxide hazards, providing workers with critical warnings and the means to address emergencies promptly. By equipping your workplace with Kidde's fire safety products, you can create a safer environment and protect employees from fire-related incidents.


Medique offers a comprehensive range of first aid products and over-the-counter medications tailored for workplace use. Their product line includes first aid kits, pain relievers, and emergency response supplies. Ensuring that these products are readily available in the workplace can help manage minor injuries and illnesses promptly, reducing the severity of incidents and promoting overall employee well-being.


Effective communication is crucial for maintaining safety in the workplace, especially in large or hazardous environments. Motorola Radios provide reliable, instant communication solutions that enhance coordination and response times during emergencies. By equipping your team with Motorola Radios, you can improve situational awareness, streamline operations, and ensure swift action in critical situations.

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Oil-Dri offers innovative absorbent products designed to manage spills and leaks in industrial settings. Their products include absorbent granules, mats, and socks that efficiently contain and clean up oil, chemical, and other hazardous spills. Utilizing Oil-Dri's absorbents helps prevent slip-and-fall accidents, reduces the risk of chemical exposure, and maintains a cleaner, safer workplace.


WD-40 provides a range of maintenance products known for their versatility and effectiveness in preventing equipment failure and accidents. Their multi-use products are essential for lubrication, rust prevention, and corrosion protection. Regular use of WD-40 products can extend the life of machinery, reduce downtime, and prevent mechanical malfunctions that could lead to workplace injuries.

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Edwards Signaling offers a comprehensive range of audible and visual signaling devices that improve communication and safety in the workplace. Their products include fire alarms, emergency signaling systems, and industrial signaling devices. These systems are crucial for alerting employees to emergencies, enabling quick evacuation, and facilitating timely responses to incidents. Implementing Edwards Signaling products can significantly enhance emergency preparedness and response, ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.

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Brother Labeling provides a wide range of industrial labeling solutions that enhance organization and safety in the workplace. Their durable, easy-to-read labels can be used to mark hazards, safety equipment, and work areas, ensuring clear communication and reducing the risk of accidents. By implementing Brother Labeling products, workplaces can improve compliance with safety regulations, enhance workflow efficiency, and promote a safer environment for all employees.

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Chicago Protective Apparel specializes in personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect workers from a variety of hazards. Their product line includes flame-resistant clothing, high-visibility gear, and protective gloves. These products are essential for workers in high-risk environments, providing protection against heat, flames, chemicals, and other dangers. Utilizing Chicago Protective Apparel's PPE helps ensure that employees are adequately protected, reducing the likelihood of injuries and enhancing overall workplace safety.


IDEAL Industries Electrical provides high-quality electrical tools and safety equipment designed to protect workers and ensure efficient operations. Their offerings include insulated tools, voltage testers, and wire management products. These tools help electricians and maintenance workers perform their tasks safely and accurately, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and ensuring compliance with safety standards. By using IDEAL Industries Electrical products, workplaces can enhance electrical safety and maintain a secure working environment.

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Lakeland Industries specializes in high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to safeguard workers in various high-risk environments. Their comprehensive product line includes protective clothing, chemical suits, flame-resistant apparel, and high-visibility gear.

By integrating Lakeland Industries PPE into your safety protocols, you can significantly enhance the protection of your workforce, reduce the risk of injuries and exposure to hazards, and ensure compliance with industry safety standards. 

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KLEVER specializes in safety cutters that are designed to protect both the user and the materials being cut. Their products feature concealed blades and ergonomic designs that prevent accidental injuries and damage to packaging contents. The unique safety features of KLEVER knives make them ideal for use in various industries, from warehousing to retail, ensuring that cutting tasks are performed safely and efficiently.

Slice offers a range of cutting tools with ceramic blades that are safer and longer-lasting than traditional metal blades. Their products include safety cutters, box cutters, and utility knives, all designed with ergonomic handles and advanced safety features such as auto-retracting blades. The ceramic blades of Slice knives are non-conductive, chemically inert, and resistant to rust, making them ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Using Slice knives in the workplace can help reduce the risk of lacerations and improve cutting efficiency.

Pacific Handy Cutter offers a range of innovative cutting tools designed with safety features that help reduce workplace injuries. Their products include safety knives and box cutters with retractable blades and ergonomic handles. These features minimize the risk of accidental cuts and strains, making cutting tasks safer and more efficient. By using Pacific Handy Cutter's tools, workplaces can significantly reduce the occurrence of cutting-related injuries and improve overall safety.

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Justrite Safety Group specializes in products designed to manage hazardous materials safely and effectively. Their offerings include safety cabinets, spill containment solutions, and gas cylinder storage. By providing reliable storage and handling solutions for flammable and hazardous materials, Justrite helps workplaces reduce the risk of spills, fires, and chemical exposure, ensuring a safer environment for all employees.


As part of Justrite Safety Group, Eagle offers a wide range of safety and storage products designed to manage hazardous materials securely and efficiently. Their products include safety cans, spill containment pallets, and drum storage solutions. These products help workplaces handle flammable liquids and hazardous substances safely, reducing the risk of spills, fires, and chemical exposures. By utilizing Eagle's safety and storage solutions, workplaces can ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain a safer environment for all employees.


Checkers provides industrial safety products that enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Their product line includes cable management systems, wheel chocks, and warning whips. These products are designed to prevent accidents and ensure the safe movement and operation of vehicles and equipment. For instance, Checkers' cable protectors prevent tripping hazards and protect valuable cables from damage, while their wheel chocks secure parked vehicles and prevent accidental movement. Implementing Checkers' products helps mitigate risks and creates a safer working environment.


NoTrax offers high-quality floor matting solutions that improve safety, comfort, and productivity in the workplace. Their products include anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, and slip-resistant mats. These mats are designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, as well as to provide ergonomic support to workers who stand for extended periods. By incorporating NoTrax mats into your workplace, you can enhance worker comfort, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and create a safer and more efficient work environment.


Hughes, a part of Justrite Safety Group, specializes in emergency safety showers and eyewash stations. These products are essential for workplaces that handle hazardous chemicals or materials that pose a risk of injury to the eyes or skin. Hughes' safety showers and eyewash stations provide immediate decontamination, reducing the severity of chemical exposure injuries and ensuring rapid response in emergencies. By installing Hughes' emergency safety equipment, workplaces can enhance their preparedness for accidents and protect their employees from serious harm.


As part of the Justrite Safety Group, AccuformNMC specializes in creating a variety of safety identification products that are essential for maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. Their offerings include custom safety signs, tags, labels, and floor marking solutions. By incorporating AccuformNMC products into your workplace safety protocols, you can enhance communication, improve hazard awareness, and ensure compliance with safety standards. These products play a vital role in creating a safer work environment by clearly conveying safety information and guiding safe practices.

Our Services

People Safety: We prioritize the protection of your team with expert guidance on effective personal protection equipment and practices.

Facility Safety: Our experienced professionals simplify the complexities of facility safety, helping you integrate and manage safety protocols effectively.

Facility Maintenance and Productivity: We partner with top brands to deliver solutions that enhance productivity and reduce costs, ensuring your operations run smoothly and safely.

How We Help

LineDrive provides fact-based insights and measurable results, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement for the safest, most productive facilities. Our services are free, with the expectation of supporting our partner brands through purchases from your preferred distributor.

Get Involved

During National Safety Month, we encourage you to:

  • Educate Yourself: Learn about common safety hazards and preventive measures.

  • Spread Awareness: Share safety tips within your community.

  • Implement Safety Measures: Apply safety protocols in your environment.

  • Join Initiatives: Participate in local safety programs.

Join LineDrive in Making Safety a Priority

This National Safety Month, let’s work together to create safer workplaces and communities.


Explore our safety solutions and make a commitment to safety today!

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