Purell, (Hand Sanitizers)

Most germs are spread by hands; hands carry germs throughout the plant. With one touch, germs may spread to co-workers and work surfaces.
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Bearkat Eyewear BK110 (Safety Glasses)

Eye injuries in the workplace are some of the most common, NIOSH reports that on average 2,000 eye injuries occur in workplaces each day.
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Tyvek Suit TY125 (Protective Clothing)

There are many types of fabric technologies used to produce General Protection garments; When it comes to general protection garments, Tyvek is very versatile as it provides protection against a host of non-hazardous and hazardous materials such as lead and radioactive particles.
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Ibuprofen #80813 (First Aid)

Over 30 formulations that help workers stay on the job without compromising safety.
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Increase Efficiency and Productivity



Adhesives, Wedge Anchors, Self Drilling/Tapping Screws, and Threaded Rod Anchoring Systems.