Wire and Cable Manufacturer Reduces Downtime


A wire and cable manufacturer was looking for Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma solution to drive continuous improvement at their facility.  One aspect of this company’s standardized methodology is a preventative maintenance program.  A key critical component to their manufacturing process is machinery maintenance and continuous performance.  With near 150 motors to manage a major concern is downtime related to vibration issues. Not knowing where to go for this, they turned to LineDrive and Fluke for assistance.


LineDrive demoed the Fluke 805FC which provides go/no-go maintenance decisions in preventative maintenance.  The 805FC vibration meter is the most reliable vibration screening device available in frontline mechanical troubleshooting for repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition. With Fluke Connect technology the maintenance team can export and track trending vibration readings. Fluke Connect also allows the maintenance team to identify the vibration issue, save it to their mobile device, and share it with key decision makers immediately. The Fluke 805FC can identify potential problems before they occur, avoiding unplanned machine downtime, unexpected work load and interruptions on maintenance team schedule and unplanned repair costs.


Documented Cost Savings:  

The customers was able to save an estimated $220,000 by utilizing the Fluke 805FC in downtime avoidance and lost production.