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National Ladder Safety Month is a unique initiative that focuses solely on advancing ladder safety, both in residential and professional settings.


Throughout March 2023, National Ladder Safety Month will foster increased awareness about the criticality of using ladders safely through a variety of resources, training programs, and national discussions.


Step up for safety this March!

  • Is your company providing proper ladder safety training?

  • Are you up-to-date on ladder safety?

  • Did you know that there is a 1 in 127 chance of dying in a fall?

Join #LadderSafetyMonth to keep your employees informed and secure on the job.

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Over the last two decades, four of OSHA's Top 10 violations have consistently pertained to fall protection.

By taking advantage of LineDrive's assessments and training programs, you can equip your employees and facility with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain ladder safety not only during

Ladder Safety Month but also throughout the year.

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