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Eye hazards are unique in the Water Treatment/Supply sector

An eye injury can be a life-altering event. Chemical burns, embedded foreign objects, welder’s flash, and impact injuries can result in anything from minor irritation to full vision loss. There is also potential exposure to biohazards that can uniquely impact vision and adversely impact a person’s health.


The eyes along with the nose and mouth provide an entry point on the body for contaminants to enter. Whether contacting the pupil or the mucous membrane surrounding it, the eye can easily become a pathway to bloodborne pathogens, viruses, and unhealthy bacteria that make a person ill and change their quality of life.


We have all heard the statistics: 2/3 of all preventable eye injuries occurred because of the lack of wearing the correct, or, for that matter, any eye protection. With our vision and our health at stake, it can be difficult to understand why eye protection is not worn more often. 

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