Vibration Tools and Analysis Increase ROI and Risk Avoidance at Manufacturing Plant


A flexible packaging manufacturer was conducting predictive vibration analysis annually and not seeing a ROI due to the infrequency of testing. The manufacturer wanted to find a way to increase their testing frequency in-house without having to resort to a costly third party service.


LineDrive demoed the Fluke 805FC to complement the existing vibration testing, allowing the manufacturer to find issues before they become serious and costly problems.  This shift toward in-house vibration testing has helped reduce risk of down time and increase ROI by 25% based on customer shared data.

Documented Cost Savings:

With the Fluke 805FC the manufacturer was able to conduct vibration analysis on their own terms.

Cost of Annual Vibration Testing: $5,000, Risk Avoidance estimated at $10,000*


*Based on customer data on 2 pump failures avoided with labor.