Vehicle Manufacturer Reduces Need to Outsource with JET

and Edwards


A vehicle manufacturer needed to reduce the cost of contract workers on site. The manufacturer is currently paying contractors to manufacture and repair their vehicle transport dollies, resulting in unnecessarily high production and repair costs.

As the facility assessed their requirements, they identified needs to turn, saw, shear, notch, and press steel in various forms. The manufacturer’s current lathe was aging and needed an upgrade; thus, they had been contracting work out instead of investing in a new machine. 


After a site visit from LineDrive, they determined the JET Elite E-1340VS lathe gave them a high-quality, feature-rich option for in-house turning operations. 

By bringing the process of manufacturing and repairing in-house; the facility successfully took over this project work from the outside contractors.


When it came to shearing, notching and pressing the end user was hoping to find an all-in-one option to conserve floor space. The Edwards 65 Ton Ironworker gave them the option to perform all three metalworking tasks in one powerful machine; all while conserving space as well.  This solution will allow the manufacturer to fabricate multiple components used in the dolly production. 


Finally, the customer needed the ability to cut six 2" rectangular steel tubes at once. Given this capacity need and potential for future expansion of fabrication operations, the JET Elite Semi-automatic EHB-1018 VM Horizontal Bandsaw is a perfect solution.


The customer also liked the 3-year parts and labor warranty that Jet offers on all Elite equipment. 


Documented Cost Savings:

By investing in $25,000 worth of machines, the vehicle manufacturer was able to save over $50,000 in out-sourced labor costs and now can complete projects faster by working on them in house.