Industrial Vacuum Manufacturer Reduces Injuries and Improves

Employee Comfort


A manufacturer of industrial vacuums, with 320 employees, was looking to increase safety in and around their work stations. Each work station has anti-fatigue matting, which has begun to curl and cause slipping hazards.  In the past two years, 5 tripping instances have occurred.  Workflow is not conducive to the anti-fatigue matting as is does not cover the 360 degree work area the workers are covering during their shifts.


LineDrive suggested MEGAComfort ESD Insoles to the manufacturer. The ESD insoles provide the 360 degree access to work around each product stations while reducing strain and pressure on the employee’s joints, while assisting in the ESD initiative implemented to reduce static charge on the product.

Documented Cost Savings:  

By providing MEGAComfort ESD insoles to employees through vending (1 pair every 6 months), the customer will be able to reduce employee days off by reducing potential injuries and accidents, saving an estimated $403,000.