University Increases Worker Safety, Mitigates Arc Flash Incidents


A university scans their panels quarterly and wanted to speed up the process, as well as protect their employees from a potential arc flash occurrence.  In order to conduct a scan, employees had to suit up in arc flash gear to open and scan the energized panels, which cost them time and also exposed them to a potential arc flash incidents.


LineDrive was able to equip the university's entire physical plant with Fluke CV300 ClirVu Infrared Windows.  The university stated that the time it took to complete the scans, prior to installing the windows, was 3 full days using 2 employees to perform the task, at an estimated cost of $4,800 each quarter. Once the windows were installed they were able to complete the task in one day, with one employee, reducing the cost to $800 a quarter.  Most importantly, they were able to mitigate the arc flash occurrence during this process. OSHA Cost Calculator has an arc flash burn incident listed as an $84,000 in risk avoidance per incident. 

Documented Cost Savings:  

With the university utilizing the Fluke CV300 ClirVu Infrared Windows, we were able to save them $12,000 annually.  Through this solution, the university was able to bring their work time for the scans from 3 days to 1 day.