Trailer Manufacturer Saves on PPE Costs and Improves Worker

Productivity with DuPont


A trailer manufacturer was using about 13,000 suits a year, at all three of their sites. The manufacturer was looking to reduce their yearly PPE cost while still maintaining the quality of suit they have been using to insure continued employee safety and protection.


LineDrive performed a cost savings analysis for the manufacturer, identifying a solution with DuPont ProShield 10 suits.  A trial was completed at all three sites using the DuPont ProShield 10 suit, and the sites documented zero quality concerns in using the DuPont suits in place of their current suits.  The employees commented that the suits were lighter and more comfortable, increasing their productivity. As a result, the manufacturer switched to DuPont and increased their yearly cost savings.


Documented Cost Savings:

Using DuPont ProShield 10 over the current suits saved the manufacturer an average of $10,275 a year, due to a lower price point, while still maintaining the same quality of the suit, and increasing worker comfort, resulting in increased worker productivity.