Theme Park Reduces Equipment Downtime With Testing Kits

From Fluke


An amusement park has many unique testing requirements throughout the park due to the variety of equipment used to operate rides and maintain facilities.  Specifically, the park has a need for insulation resistance testers and multimeters to accurately troubleshoot motor drives.  The park had testing equipment, but many of the tools were outdated or not readily available and there were issues with accurate readings.  In many instances, they would have to obtain additional reads or they wasted time trying to locate the equipment needed.


LineDrive worked with the park to determine the appropriate test equipment needed.  New tool equipment kits were developed to include the Fluke 1507 Insulation Resistance Tester and the Fluke 87-5 Digital Multimeter.  As a result, inaccurate reads were eliminated, and maintenance leads had access to the equipment needed to do the job.  Each lead now has the tools they need to complete the work efficiently and accurately.  Downtime was reduced, productivity increased, and there were noticeable improvements to their preventative maintenance program.


Documented Cost Savings:  

Average maintenance worker hourly pay is $17/hour.  The average downtime calculated per job due to inaccurate test, time spent to confirm data, or to locate necessary tools not readily available was approximately 1 hour.  By adding the Fluke tools to the kits, downtime was reduced by approximately 11 hours per week resulting in $10,000 in annual cost savings going forward.