Preventative Maintenance Plan Results in Facility Cost Savings


A management company managing two large technology facilities needs to maintain motors that operate equipment throughout the facilities.  Workers were spending additional time trying to address issues and pinpoint problems throughout these locations resulting in worker downtime and facility inefficiency.


After assessing the facilities, LineDrive recommended a preventive maintenance plan that included the Fluke 805FC. This tool allows the maintenance team to perform quick, basic motor analysis, helping to build the metrics needed for their preventative maintenance program.  They are also using the Fluke 810 to perform in-depth vibration analysis and to monitor motor health in other areas of their facility.  

Having this equipment has helped them to quickly identify if there is a problem and proactively identify issues before they become a major safety or productivity concern.  Overall downtime has been reduced, resulting in increased worker productivity and overall facility safety with this new preventative maintenance plan.

Documented Cost Savings:

Average time spent addressing downtime issues when motors fail is a minimum of 5 hours.  Approximately $500 per incident, $1,000 or more if third party needs to be contacted in an emergency, based on the number of incidents recorded in 2017.

By utilizing the Fluke 805FC and 810, the management company will save at least $15,000 a year.