Steel Plant Ensures Fresh Air for Welders With New

Respiratory Solution


A steel manufacturer was looking to implement a program to ensure fresh air is supplied to their welders and to avoid any potential risk factors for long term exposure to the primary fumes from their applications (manganese, chromium, and cadmium). With locations in California having more stringent requirements per California OSHA, the manufacturer decided to implement respiratory protection across all locations. 


LineDrive was able to offer a solution with the RPB Z-link respirator.  The Z-link weighs less than the manufacturers’ current respirators, are a more comfortable product, that lasts 8 hours per charge, with filters that will last nearly twice as long as the manufactures’ current in-use respirator. 

Documented Cost Savings:  

With this facility purchasing 50 units over the coming year, a direct cost savings of $43,550 is to be expected on the units.