Steel Mill Prevents Failures, Reduces Costs with Fluke Vibration

Sensor Kit


A stainless steel fabricator was looking for a better way to run their predictive maintenance program at their steel mill.  The steel runs through a mill stand to mold the dies into long cylinders, if these mill stands get too hot and fail, they have to bring in cranes to replace the mill stands, which causes downtime and decreases production.  Each time these need to be replaced, the customer estimates it costs $40,000.


LineDrive presented the Fluke 3561/3502 kit as a solution to constantly monitor temperature and vibration of the mill stands.  Vibration sensors will be placed on each station to be able to constantly monitor the mill stands to identify when they are getting too hot so the customer can adjust accordingly.  The fabricator caught a potential failure due to temperature within two weeks of implementing these sensors and was able to avoid downtime all due to having the sensors in place.

Documented Cost Savings:  

The fabricator estimates that the mill stands fail 4-6 times a year.  At $40,000 per failure, customer says they can avoid at minimum 4 per year, saving them $160,000.