Steel Fabricator Increases Worker Comfort with RPB® Z-Link®


A steel fabricator that had seven workers using torch cutters was providing them with tight-fitting respirators with P100 filters. Each worker was going through two filters per shift and complaining that the respirator was not comfortable to wear. The fabricator was looking for a more comfortable respirator that required no fit testing and a PAPR option with longer filter life.


LineDrive met with the fabricator and presented the RPB Z-Link loose-fitting respirator with the PX4 PAPR. The fabricator liked the comfort of the Z-Link's head top and that it could be fitted with a Shade 5 safety lens for torch cutting.

After a 30-day trial, the fabricator found that the PX4 PAPR reduced filter usage. Workers would now use two pre-filters on the PAPR during one shift and get a week’s usage out of the main HEPA filter.

Documented Cost Savings:  

The customer will save an estimated $8,000 annually on filter costs after switching to the RPB® Z-Link® and PX4® PAPR.