Steel Fabricator Increases Facility Air Quality and Saves Money


A steel fabricator was facing issues with the local Air Quality Management District regarding air quality within their Grind Department.  They were facing possible fines for not having the appropriate dust collection systems in place for their bench grinders.


LineDrive visited the site to understand their current processes within their grind department. Once we recognized they had no dust collection systems in place for their current bench grinders, we recommended the JET 414700 and 414800. 

Dust collectors will increase air quality within the facility and prevent safety hazards due to metal shavings and they can prevent potential six-digit fines.  We also found that their older bench grinders did not have current safety standards in place such as guards and safety stops, so we recommended replacement of old grinders with new, safer models.

Documented Risk Avoidance:  

According to the Air Quality Management District, a customer can face up to $2,000 per day in fines if they are found to be non-compliant. According to OSHA, the customer could have faced penalties of $4,900 per grinder if they are not properly guarded.  By bringing in new JET grinders and having a dust collection system in place, the customer is saving at least $6,900 in potential fines.