Snack Food Manufacturer Saves With Consolidated Ordering Process

and Recycle Program


A food and beverage manufacturer were buying bits from various distributors and wanted to consolidate the process in order to save time and money. 


LineDrive visited the distributor and discussed the option to consolidate to one supplier while still maintaining the quality of bits that they were currently using. We crossed the bits that were being used from other suppliers to Greenfield, implementing them into Vendor Managed Inventory. LineDrive offered the GreenTech Recycling program, a program that is free of charge to the customer and offers the customer money for their used drill bits.

Documented Cost Savings:

The manufacturer is issued a montly check for used drill bits through the GreenTech Recycling program.  Although the price of steel fluctuates, they will see roughly $4,000/year in returns for recycling their used bits. Consolidation to one supplier of drill bits will save the manufacturer an additional $5,000/year and minimize time during the ordering process.