BELLA+CANVAS masks allow school districts to open in the Fall

with protection for students and staff.


The State of Tennessee was looking for solutions to get teachers, school staff, and children safely back in the classroom this fall during the COVID pandemic. One critical element to the health and safety is they are required to have face masks on hand.  They were looking for something that was comfortable, had multiple sizes (to fit adults and children), and was made in the USA.


LineDrive presented the BELLA+CANVAS masks as a solution. The State of Tennessee liked that the BELLA+CANVAS masks came in Youth, Small/Medium, and Medium/Large sizes to fit their teachers, staff, and students. They were also enthused by the mask’s softness and comfort, and that the masks are made in the USA.


An additional bonus was that the mask comes in a wide variety of colors. The last thing that put BELLA+CANVAS ahead of other mask brands was that we were able to deliver a high-volume order so quickly. The initial order was for 2 million masks, all of which will arrive before school starts in three weeks.     

Documented Risk Avoidance:

Thanks to a successful collaboration between LineDrive, and BELLA+CANVAS, the State of Tennessee is on track to open their doors safely this Fall and will be able to provide masks for roughly 1 million students, 70,000 teachers, and assisting school staff, that make up about 1,800 school districts.