Cost Savings and Consolidation Help Increase Safety at Food Plant


A sugar beet manufacturer was looking to consolidate PPE vendors and review their entire PPE selection. With a complex manufacturing environment, the customer needed a PPE manufacturer that was able to provide solutions across multiple product categories and processes in the customer's plant.


LineDrive and MCR Safety were able to meet with the customer and understand the challenges across multiple applications. What set LineDrive and MCR Safety apart was innovation and the ability to create a new glove for this customer. The glove needed by the customer was specific to an application where chemicals, cut hazards, and hot water were present. The MCR Safety glove was able to improve dexterity and raise the level of cut protection of their current solution. Prior to the new glove being created, the customer needed to wear two gloves at the same time, this was costly, uncomfortable, and not a safe solution.

Documented Cost Savings:

Overall, the customer averaged a $1 per glove cost savings to equal $6,300 per year hard cost savings and consolidated four glove types being used down to three.