Vehicle Manufacturer Reduces Cost of Abrasives By $12,000 Annually


An asphalt roadbuilding equipment manufacturer was quickly going through their current cut-off wheels, which was adding up in cost.  The manufacturer tasked LineDrive with suggesting wheels that would provide a longer life at a lower price point.


LineDrive recommended the CGW 36381 4 ½” Fast Cut Wheel for the manufacturer to trial.  This wheel would cost 33% less than their current wheels. After the trial, the manufacturer reported back that the CGW wheel lasted longer than the previously used wheel and would save them money on their monthly wheel purchase costs.

Cost Avoidance:  

The manufacturer purchases about 1,000 wheels per month.  With the new CGW wheel being a dollar less than the old wheel, and lasting longer, the manufacturer will save $12,000 a year in wheel costs.