Retailer Standardizes Productivity Nationwide

to All Locations With Fluke


A global merchandise retailer was conducting third party hazard assessments to ensure all of their locations were operating within safe work environments. During those audits, it was discovered that the company did not have a standard operating procedure regarding the correct electrical tools needed for their maintenance employees to complete electrical work. Without assessing the hazards present and standardizing on the correct tools, the retailer was exposed to potential injuries and/or OSHA fines. 


LineDrive and Fluke were asked to assess the electrical applications being performed at each retail location. Before offering any tool options to consider, LineDrive and Fluke assessed the scope of work and any potential hazards that were present. After a thorough analysis, it was determined that the Fluke T6-600 offered the right voltage ratings the employees needed to perform the tasks to keep their facility running. The Fluke T6-600 also offered a critical productivity and safety gain, allowing their employees to test for current and voltage without test leads. This feature made training on the tool more efficient and scalable which was important as this project would rollout nationwide to all of their retail locations. Seeing the benefit of being able to increase productivity, safety, and standardize training on the tool, the customer decided to select the Fluke T6-600 for electrical measurement across all of their locations. 

Risk Avoidance:  

The customer is now able to avoid potential injuries and fines that could have come from OSHA and the guidelines written in NFPA 70E. With regards to electric shock incidents, the employer always pays indirect costs. Average estimated indirect costs for electrical shock incidents are $103,000.