Food Processing Plant Invests In Radio Solution to Avoid Incidents & Save Money


A bottling plant was looking to implement a radio program for employees after mandating the plant become cellphone-free. The program aimed to lower the risk of employee accidents and increase productivity.  In addition, they were looking for a radio solution that was hands free, to limit employee responsibility and damage.


LineDrive met with the bottling plant to trial the Motorola Solutions options best suited for the plant.  By having the CM200D radios in forklifts and on workstations, LineDrive was able to offer a solution that limited the chance for damage or loss of the radios.  Motorola Solutions SL300 radios were implemented for supervisors and managers along with EVX-S24 for employees working in washdown stations due to their resiliency and ease of use.

Documented Cost Savings:

The bottling plant invested $45,000 into this project overall.  The subsequent banning of cell phone usage helped avoid forklift accidents, slips/trips, and other hazards that come with using a handheld mobile device while at work. 


These incidents can total over $100,000 when direct and indirect costs are factored in.  The productivity increase that comes with not allowing personal cell phones on the work floor will also be realized on day one.