Manufacturer Protects Workers From Respirable Silica With Respirator Solution


A building materials manufacturer needed a solution for their workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica. When workers cut, grind, or drill materials that contain crystalline silica they can be exposed to very small silica dust particles. These tiny particles can travel deep into workers’ lungs and cause silicosis, an incurable and sometimes deadly lung disease.

The manufacturer knew that many of their employees would not want to shave on a daily basis, a requirement with most respirators, thus their goal was to find a solution that both met the OSHA standard and is comfortable to wear.


LineDrive met with the safety manager at the facility and demonstrated the RPB Z-Link respirator, which would protect employees and comply to the new OSHA standard. In addition, the RPB Z-Link is comfortable and does not require employees to shave daily for a proper fit.


Documented Cost Savings:

The building materials manufacturer purchased 31 RPB Z-Link respirators with PAPR to protect their employees and is in compliance with the new OSHA standard regarding respirable crystalline silica.  By utilizing the RPB Z-Link, the manufacturer is protecting the health of their employees while also allowing their employees to work comfortably.  The combined cost of OSHA fines and potential employee health bills provides the manufacturer with an average risk avoidance savings of $50,000 when utilizing the RPB Z-Link respirators.