Poultry Plant Reduces Downtime by $37,000 Annually


A chicken processing plant was using radios that were not effectively allowing them to communicate at their facility. As a result, their productivity was diminished, and tasks and projects were taking much longer than they should have to be completed. This inefficient communication resulted in approximately 4 hours of non-productive time on a daily basis per person


LineDrive demoed the Motorola RDU4100 repeater capable radios combined with a SLR5700 repeater.  The plant determined these radios fit their needs and would significantly reduce the down time they were experiencing with their current radios.  This solution required the plant to phase out 100+ current radios and switch to the new Motorola radios and repeater solution.

Documented Cost Savings:

By improving communication with the Motorola RDU4100, the plant was able to save $37,440 a year in down time costs.