Packaging Company Enhances Vibration Testing, Avoids Downtime


A custom packaging company uses a contractor come onsite monthly to vibration testing on their ten machines they use to manufacturer packaging materials.  If an issue is found, the packaging company wants to be able track and trend the issue in a cost effective and timely way.  Downtime and loss of production were the main sources of pain when an issue was found.


By utilizing the Fluke 805 Vibration meter between regular monthly testing, when an issue arises, they now trend a motor for a 24 hour or week time frame, allowing them to service the equipment before costly downtime occurs.  This was not possible for them prior to implementing the Fluke solution. 

Documented Cost Savings:  

An estimated $8,000 per year was saved by using the Fluke 805 Vibration Meter between monthly vibration testings. Average downtime costs for motor repair is $4,000/hr., with manpower and production loss.  2 repairs on average, per year, per machine.