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In the critical moments of a fire, your senses are your first line of defense.
It's vital to perceive alarm signals promptly, regardless of whether you're hearing impaired, visually impaired, or operating in loud or dark conditions.

Emphasizing inclusivity and adaptability, we understand the diverse needs of different work environments. We ensure our solutions cater to a wide range of sensory abilities, making fire safety an accessible reality for all.

The Edwards 872DPO AC & 873DPO DC Series are low-current, high decibel double projector vibrating horns for heavy-duty use. The double projector is designed for bi-directional signaling without decibel loss. 

Used in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications for timing, paging, and alarm signaling. Typical applications include signaling equipment malfunction, security, and employee communication.
The Edwards 876 AC & 877 DC Series are low-current, high decibel, vibrating horns for heavy-duty use and is UL listed to NEMA 4X enclosure requirements. The die-cast weatherproof box has a durable, corrosion resistant, electrostatic heat flowed powder epoxy gray finish.

Used where a distinctive, urgent signal is required for outdoor or weatherproof requirements such as: timing scheduling, paging, general alarm, personnel warning, and emergency evacuations.


Transform your facility's safety measures with Edwards Signaling's
robust selection of explosion-proof beacons,
including adverse-location beacons, horns, and bells.
These products are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring reliable alerts even in the most challenging environments.

Partner with LineDrive for expert guidance in tailoring these advanced signaling solutions to your specific fire safety needs and beyond.
Remember, when it comes to safety, every signal counts.


N eeShare your details and let us do the dialing!

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