Food Processing Plant Reduces Risk With New Communication Plan


A food processing plant was using outdated analog radios and experiencing communication issues in areas of the facility where thick walls were causing dead zones. The plant did not want their employees utilizing cell phones for communication either as that could create unnecessary distractions resulting in accidents. 


LineDrive met with the plant’s safety manager and trialed the Motorola Solutions CP200 digital radio.  The CP200’s powerful audio output penetrates noisy environments, providing clear, crisp audio at any volume, allowing employees to hear each other over the loud production machinery. By adding two additional repeaters, the plant will be able to have 5 channels, covering all of their departments. 

Risk Avoidance:

The facility now has an emergency communication plan in place, and should need to evacuate the facility arise, they have a clear and concise way to communicate to all workers.

The Motorola Solutions CP200 allows employees to communicate quickly in all applications and environments.  By having clear effective communication channels, employees will be at less risk within the plant.