Meat Processor Improves Facility Communications with Motorola


A meat processor was unhappy with their third party radio program. The radios did not function throughout the entire facility, coverage was spotty, the radios did not hold up in their applications, and replacement radios, when needed, were taking 3 weeks to arrive. This was causing the processor communication issues and downtime within their facility.


LineDrive demoed the Motorola RDU4100 for a one week for trial throughout the facility. The processor was able to obtain 99% coverage throughout their facility and program the radios internally with the Motorola RDU4100.  An added bonus is that the radios are covered under a one year warranty, removing the previous 3 week turnaround time for fixing radios that the processor was experiencing with their third party program.

Documented Cost Savings:

The customer has a fleet of 200 radios and direct cost savings was $30 per radio by switching to the Motorola RDU4100, resulting in a $6,000 cost savings.