MCR Safety Ninja Ice Glove: A Must Have in Hand Protection

for Cold Weather Applications


An energy contractor was looking for a quality winter glove with a low price point that their employees could use while installing underground pipes and cable. Ideally the gloves would offer cut protection, have a hi-vis feature, and last longer than previously used insulated leather driver gloves. 


LineDrive met with the contractor and introduced their employees to the MCR Safety Ninja Ice N9690HV.  This glove will provide better durability than their current glove, offers an ANSI cut level A3, and is also hi-vis, with a price point that has a reduced total cost of ownership for the contractor.

Risk Avoidance and Documented Cost Savings:  

By utilizing the MCR Safety N9690HV employees have remarked that their hands stay warmer while working outdoors in cold conditions and that the gloves last two times longer than the previously used leather gloves. The contractor is on pace to save $6/per dozen, just over $1,700 per month.  In addition, the MCR Safety N9690HV offers increased cut protection, reducing the risk of hand injuries.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a hand injury costs employers between $6,000 and $7,500 per injury, on average.

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