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Electrical hazards can be fatal, expensive, and disrupt productivity.

The good news? Most can be avoided.


An arc flash is when an electric current jumps from its path to another conductor or ground, causing violent and potentially deadly results for anyone nearby.

Chicago Protective Apparel provides NFPA 70E-compliant arc flash clothing in PPE Categories 2 to 4. Their offerings include jackets, pants, bib overalls, coveralls, hoods, face shields, accessories, and complete PPE kits.

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Lockout/tagout procedures safeguard workers from the unexpected energization, or startup, of machinery and equipment. They can also prevent the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.

AccuformNMC offers a variety of lockout devices and accessories for shutting down equipment and machinery before conducting maintenance or repairs. Use Lockout Kits to ensure your workers have all they need to do their job safety, while complying with OSHA Safety Lockout Requirements.


Implementing regular preventative maintenance procedures can significantly reduce the risk of an arc flash incident occurring in an electrical system.

FLIR's IR Windows add a barrier between you and energized equipment during preventative maintenance operations. Perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury, all while staying in compliance with NFPA 70E requirements.

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Workers often find themselves in environments where they are exposed to unseen electrical hazards. 

Hubbell manufacturers products that ensure electrical safety, minimize slips, trips and falls, and enhance workers’ productivity. Their products also protect wellness in finished spaces through contactless operation, clean surfaces, illuminated egress and convenience.


Every year, workers are injured or killed by circuits they thought were safely turned off. Simply shutting off the power is not enough. Hazardous conditions can still exist. Make sure to always test before you touch.

IDEAL'S SURETRACE™ receivers provides a numeric value and variable pitch that increases as the signal becomes stronger on the wires being traced or breakers being identified.

IDEAL also has an insulated tool line that offers a balanced mix of safety, comfort, and precision functionality with double insulated Santoprene® handles. 

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Wearing arc flash-rated construction gear that meets fall protection requirements is essential for working safely in environments with potential exposure to electric arcs.

Werner offers Arc Flash harness and lanyards that are specifically designed for applications which have potential exposure to an electric arc. The Kevlar webbing, shoulder padding, waist padding, and dielectric hardware construction meets the ASTM F887 requirements for Arc Flash and the ANSI and OSHA Fall Protection requirements. requirements.


Don't wait until electrical hazards disrupt your operations or harm your workers. Let's work together to spark a culture of safety and prevent accidents before they happen. Contact us now to learn more!

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