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Building Material Supplier Reduces Puncture Wounds with MCR Safety



A building materials supplier's employees are exposed to unfinished lumber, putting them at risk of puncture wounds from large lumber splinters. Employees need large 8 inch gauntlet leather gloves to protect against puncture hazards. The supplier's current glove was discontinued resulting in the need for a new glove, with the same protection levels, to replace it. 


LineDrive completed an assessment of the applications on site and made a suggestion that would minimize puncture wounds. LineDrive worked with MCR Safety's product management to develop an 8 inch gauntlet glove. MCR Safety's glove outperformed the discontinued glove, lasting 4 days vs. 2 days, all while minimize puncture injuries. 

Documented Cost Savings:

The previous gloves cost the supplier $57,200 a year and the new MCR Safety option will cost $28,600. The supplier will save $28,600 a year with the new 
MCR Safety gloves and reduce the risk of puncture related injuries.