Our Pledge: 
We honor you for who you are, knowledge, experience, perspective,
and background as an individual and a team member.

  • We encourage healthy debate & differences of opinion. 

  • Diversity makes us stronger. It takes people with different backgrounds to succeed. 

  • Words matter. There is no hierarchy on how ideas flow. 

  • Disarmingly honest. Respect & integrity for all, and from all.  

  • We invest in growing minds, be relentless in your thirst for knowledge.



  • Harness creativity and take action. 

  • Challenge the status quo, be open to all possibilities. 

  • Willing to fail to for the opportunity to greater succeed. 

  • Adapt to the environment, think beyond the box. 

  • Embrace resources, technology, and change. 



  • Be a raving fan, exemplify team spirit & enthusiasm. 

  • Strive to become the industry benchmark. 

  • Commitment to win, overcomes obstacles. 

  • Enjoy work, so you can enjoy life. 

  • Energize and inspire others. If you feel it, show it. 



  • High say do ratio. 

  • Lead from the front. 

  • Honor the upfront contract. 

  • Deliver results, make an impact. 

  • Transparency in all business interactions. 



  • Together we are brilliant. 

  • Contributes to a culture of whatever it takes. 

  • Always have each other’s back – exude reliability. 

  • Actively listen, seek to understand. 

  • Learn humility, no individual is bigger than the team.