Law Enforcement Agency Eliminates Exposure to Blood

Born Pathogens


A county sheriff’s law enforcement officers were in need of protective garments for prisoner transport and cell extractions to protect against blood borne pathogens.

A county correctional officer being exposed to life-threatening diseases, transmitted via body fluids, can create excessive hospital/treatment costs, lost time from work, and shift work coverage expenses.


LineDrive met with the sheriff’s department to discuss the situations in which protection is needed.  Cell extractions often occur under duress, resulting in officer exposure to potentially infectious bodily fluids and blood borne pathogens. LineDrive recommended the DuPont Tyvek 2000 QC127T.  The Tyvek 2000 suits meets ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 tests, offering protection for blood borne pathogens.

Total Cost Avoidance:

By utilizing the DuPont QC127T, the sheriff’s office will be able to minimize costly hospital bills and officer down-time by reducing the chance of infection from bites and injuries during prisoner transport. An average hospital visit for an instance such as a bite was estimated at $5,000 based on information provided by the sheriff’s office.  Total cost avoidance estimated at $50,000 based on 10 employees/$5,000 each.