Landscape Company Increases Worker Safety, Lowers Annual



A commercial landscape company was looking to remedy issues they had with the protective apparel their employees were using.  Problems reported included lack of comfort, durability, and overall breathability when is use in higher temperature seasons. In some scenarios workers were changing suits 2-3 time per day due to the inconsistencies with the suits they were using.


LineDrive worked with the landscape company to identify DuPont solutions that would better address the workers’ needs. After assessing the applications where the apparel would be used, and a wear trial, product recommendations were made. DuPont ProShield 10 and DuPont Tyvek 400 TD125 were implemented.  The fresh solutions have provided increased consistency and durability, increased worker productivity due to the workers being more comfortable, and cost savings as a result of the workers not using multiple suits per day.


Documented Cost Savings:

Old Solution:  Landscape company was purchasing 70 cases of product per month at approximately $100 each; $7,000 per month – $84,000 annually.
DuPont Solution: Landscape company now purchases a 45 cases of product per month at approximately 100 each; $3,500 per month - $42,000 annually.