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Innovative Insoles from MEGAComfort Reduce Risk, Pain, and Cost


Workers at a bottling plant for a beverage manufacturer were experiencing ergonomic and skeletal injuries due to the lack of insoles or matting on the assembly line floor.  


LineDrive suggested MEGAComfort insoles to help relieve the employees pain issues from standing all day, since matting was not an option in many areas of the facility.  The manufacturer also liked the ability to have regular insoles as well as orthotic insoles for those employees with current foot issues.

Documented Cost Savings:

By offering MEGAComfort insoles to the workers the manufacturer is lowering the risk of injuries and back issues.  By not having mats in the facility they are also able to reduce trip and fall incidents.  Skeletal injuries, on average, cost the manufacturer an estimated $69,000 in 2017*.


*Based on average cost from data shared with LineDrive