Increased Tool Life Results in Decreased Costs for Door Manufacturer


A manufacturer of rolling doors saw an increase in business significantly in 2018. As a result, production and manufacturing volumes escalated and they needed consistent, longer lasting tap and drill products for both general maintenance use and in their production areas. 



LineDrive met with the customer and provided an assessment of their existing tap and drills to determine what products would best match their applications. After making recommendations for the maintenance and production areas, LineDrive provided demo tools to trial and test to ensure an increase in productivity. 

Lastly, LineDrive consulted with the stock manager to provide guidance on how to organize the tools in an efficient manner and to simplify the ordering process.


Documented Cost Savings:

By having a more organized system in place the stock area was able to reduce time spent sourcing tools by 5 hours a week, or roughly $10,000 annually in labor costs.

Further, by recommending the correct taps and drills for each application the facility saw, on average, a 10% increase in tool life by using products from Greenfield Industries, resulting in $16,200 in annual documented cost savings.


Overall, transaction and process costs were reduced, maintenance teams were more efficient, and production increased.