Foundry Lowers Costs, Increases Worker Comfort and Safety


A foundry was experiencing a high turnover rate and was looking to improve the overall safety within their facility. After LineDrive had successfully implemented a new glove program at the facility, respiratory was targeted as the next area for improvement.  LineDrive determined that the welding respirator currently being used was recently discontinued and the customer could no longer obtain parts.  Throughout the 3 plants, over 150 employees were using these respiratory units.   


After an initial trial period with the RPB Z-link respirator, it was determined to be a great fit for the grinding application.  The RPB Z-link provides a lighter feel along with the comfort of the cooler C40 temperature air control.  When it came down to pricing the RPB Z-link respirator was also $230 less per unit compared to the current respirator.  

Documented Cost Savings:  

45+ RPB Z-link respirators have been ordered, with an initial savings of $10,350.  As all units are eventually swapped out, the hard cost savings will be in excess of $40K.