Food Processor Reduces Downtime, Increases Facility Efficiency


A food processing plant has been using a dial indicator to assist in shaft alignment on a 100 HP motor on a critical asset within their facility.  The pain with using a dial indicator was twofold:  

1) It took 8 hours to compete 1 job

2) During that time production on that line was stopped due to having to shut the       line down.

With a dial indicator it was taking their maintenance crew 8 hours to complete the job, during which the customer had to shut the line down.  

Each hour loss of productivity on this line cost the customer on average $3,000.  



By utilizing the Fluke 830 laser shaft alignment tool, the customer was able to reduce the time it took their maintenance crew to complete the task down from 8 hours to 3 hours.  By reducing their downtime by 5 hours, at $3,000 per hour, we were able to save the customer $15,000 per alignment job.  On average, over a years time, they would complete 10 alignment jobs within the facility.  

Documented Cost Savings:  

With the customer utilizing the Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment tool, LineDrive showed them an annual cost savings of $150,000, saving them over $15,000 per alignment job in their facility.