Food Processor Increases Worker Safety and Comfort

with Glove Assessment


A food processing plant was using an ANSI cut rate A2 PU coated cut resistant glove.  Employees were not satisfied with the performance of the PU coating due to failure in the thumb-crotch area as well as poor glove grip.  The plant was determined to find a solution that would alleviate the issues and enhance employee comfort. 


LineDrive performed a MCR Safety 360 site assessment on each application where the current PU coated glove was being worn. Through observing and analyzing each one in detail, it was determined it would be appropriate to trial the MCR Safety 9672DT2, which is an 18-Gauge Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2 Shell with a gray PU coating. The MCR Safety 9672DT2 features abrasion resistance of ANSI 3, cut resistance of ANSI A2, and cool comfort levels for all day use. After 2 weeks of testing, the end-user reported back that the MCR Safety 9672DT2 performed at a longer wear life and provided the necessary grip needed to perform each application safely. Additionally, achieving an optimum fit with dexterity was obtained due to less slack in the palm/finger tips which in turn increased worker productivity.

Documented Cost Savings:  

The MCR Safety 9672DT2 achieved a life cycle of 47 hours compared to an average life cycle of 23 hours for the current glove. The extended life along with the consumption reduction provided a 22% savings in glove cost per employee. Total Annual Projected Savings per 275 Employees is $27,228.