Increased Productivity at Food Processing Plant Results in $30,000 in Cost Savings


A food processing facility was experiencing issues with their gearboxes, resulting in the need to outsource the repairs for motor alignment, which was costing $7,000 per incident.  The facility was looking for the ability to complete the repairs in house to save on outsourcing costs.


LineDrive demoed the Fluke 830, showing the customer how easy the tool was to use.  The Fluke 830 allowed them to complete alignments in 2-3 hours, resulting in the time to complete this task being cut in half.

Documented Cost Savings:

By utilizing the Fluke 830, the customer was able to reduce their need to outsource and complete the alignments quicker.  On average, outsourcing was costing the customer $30,000 a year.  $20,000 will be saved in the first year alone by utilizing the Fluke 830 and minimizing the need for outsourcing.