Food Processing Plant Lowers Cutting Tool Costs By 70%


A food and beverage manufacturer was using an excessive amount of drills and taps, and more importantly, they eventually discovered they were using the wrong product for their stainless-steel application.  They were looking for new products that would last longer, and hopefully result in saving money.


LineDrive assessed the manufacturer’s current processes and identified that they were using high speed steel drills and taps, unfortunately not the ideal product for the application. When machining in stainless steel the customer should be using cobalt drills. The bigger problem identified: they were using standard

general-purpose taps with a very old style and technology.  In this application, using Cleveland High Performance cobalt taps provided a much higher level of performance and productivity.

Documented Cost Savings:

The manufacturer was, on average, getting 5-7 holes per tap at a price of $2.71 per tap. LineDrive had them test one of Greenfield’s high-performance taps and they stopped at 70 holes for the tap at $10.50 per tap. They were using approximately 8,000 taps per year for a total spend of $21,000. With the new Greenfield taps, the manufacturer will be able to take their tap spend down to about $6,000 per year, due to a longer product life, resulting in a cost savings of $15,000 per year.